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A Journey Turns Unexpected: Abia State

While traveling, my first indicator of being in Abia state was the road. Immediately the bus started struggling with gully sized pot holes, and totally eroded roads that were half immersed in water, I knew we had left the comfort of Akwa Ibom state, which is the state you have to go through, if going to Abia state from Cross River State. Everyone was trying to sell something to everyone. Four different guys tried selling the same book to me, almost in turns.

A journey turns unexpected: The Journey

I’m not writing this post with my regular pen, or in my house, or in a class. Actually, I’m atleast a hundred miles away from Calabar. I’m in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State, which is coincidentally the my state of origin. And I don’t speak the language, “Igbo”. OK, I know there is nothing special about anything i’ve said so far, or will eventually say. Today was going to be uneventful, I’d board a bus for the 4 hour journey to umuahia, where I’d run some transactions at the bank, board another 4 hours bus back home, to calabar.