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Should we be normal?

As usual, I got caught up in a conversation with another awesome friend of mine. I wouldn’t mention her name this time, and yeah its a “She”. It started with a statement she made, about how I and my friend Irhose are very out of this world and unrealistic. How our dreams and the ideas we come up with are not so relevant in our immediate society, i.e Nigeria. By the way, I’m a programming addict.

The World is Ours

The title of this post is also the name of a song. You probably know it. i mean the 2014 FIFA theme song by David correo, not the song with the same title by Aloe Blac. The fact that the world is ours, seems pretty obvious, but i doubt if most of us really appreciate that fact. For me, i feel like each one of us own this world, not our governments, or the huge brands that make all the noise.