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The World is Ours

The title of this post is also the name of a song. You probably know it. i mean the 2014 FIFA theme song by David correo, not the song with the same title by Aloe Blac.

The fact that the world is ours, seems pretty obvious, but i doubt if most of us really appreciate that fact. For me, i feel like each one of us own this world, not our governments, or the huge brands that make all the noise. We all have a stake in all the available resources, so its left to us to take a claim in some of those resources, and protect those that need protecting.

I’m a member of a student organisation known as ENACTUS,and i appreciate the fact that it doesnt just encourage us to protect, but also maximise all the world has to offer, #seeopportunities, and tap into them, as a way of taking claim of part of these resources, as entrepreneurs.

So, appreciating that the world is ours, isnt just for the activists. We can appreciate this in everything we do. We can turn the problems of the world into business opportunities, or actively preventing others from destroying this world which we share.

PS. While writing this post, i had the song playing on repeat, so don’t expect to learn anything here. I’m just pouring out my heart through writing.

Coincidentally, today is the final day of the enactus 2014 international competition in Beijing, China, and i believe anyone can take cue from enactus students worldwide, on how they are able to turn opportunities into meaningful and lasting change, improving and enhancing this world we share. Let their projects speak for themselves. Visit enactus.org. I hope that serves as your first step to playing a role in improving this world which we share.

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