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Telepathy and 'The Flow' ; IDEAS

While studying with a friend, Irhose, we got caught up in a trail of discussions. We were trying to demystify the fact that sometimes we could find ourselves thinking or dreaming about a person or thing, and then in the course of the day, we’d usually end up seeing the person or thing physically, or getting a call or message from the person.

Most of us have had these experiences; we think about a person and somehow bump into the person that same day, or something. While trying to analyse these situations, we came up with a hypothesis:

When we are in the flow and we think of a person, if that person is also in the flow and is experiencing the same emotions as we are at the moment, a channel of communication would be created between us. This usually ends in us feeling the urge to physically interact with the other person, usually unconciously. So you pick up your phone, and call the other person, who tells you he was thinking about calling you too, or something similar.

This hypothesis does not explain situations like when you actually bump into the person, even though you least expect it, or the bumping on each other is usually unlikely. But i do believe that if this occurences are tapped and made concious, telepathy could be within the reach of we humans. Imagine that you need to see your girlfriend and rather than call her, you get into the flow and simply think of her coming over, and she somehow unconciously gets your message, and feels the need to come over, like the idea was hers originally.

By the way, flow is simply a state of heightened concentration, that we’ve all achieved at many points in your life. Remember how time flies when cleaning? How you just seemed to relax in your head, while your body just did all the work.

Please feel free to share your experiences and modifications to this hypothesis in the comments.

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