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A recap of 2014: An Essay

2014 was supposed to be a really awesome and successful year. In january, I made my first pay check, with which i celebrated my birthday (pool party + pizza after party). Outside my birthday party, which I wasn’t even in the flow with, 2014 was dry.

I started depressed, probably a manifestation of lots of things; My emotional state with a certain girl, being stressed out by my job at pacific ( I was still working monday to Fridays), my “get rich quick” scheme, which involved me designing a wordpress theme for the wordpress theme market (Themeforest); and designing stock images for “Graphic River”. I never sold any of these items, even after working countless hours on them.

I made my worst result ever in 2014. The reason; A function of depression and my job at Pacific. I used the pacific job as a getaway from the world. I had enough money to not overly worry about money, and it took so much from me that I built enough stress levels to not worry about my problems (real problems).

During this period at pacific, I achieved “nothing”, learned no new programming languages, built no interests in any course I took in school; Although I seemed to make lots of new acquaintances, it drew me away from relationships I had already built (My friends in school, etc).

I left with my first “F”, which I shall pay for in 2015.

I quit my job at pacific, just before the Enactus National Competition in July. I travelled to lagos, only to get news about how horrible my results were. This had the effect of making me emotionless and non-chalant towards school.

Even without the pacific job, my bad grades extended into the next semester, but atleast I didn’t get another “F”. I got something worse “No A”, but I got back a bit of my lost self esteem.

Right now I’m trying to find the balance between Programming and Medical Laboratory Science (My major), which I would prefer not to have a career in.

Just before the end of the year, I started getting stronger desires to have an actual second degree in Computer Science or preferably Artificial Intelligence, as a way of learning those vital concepts which could guide my research, as well as a chance to get the “1st class”, and “Peace of Mind”. I spent 2014 being broke most of the time.

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