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A recap of 2014: Projects and Achievements

Achievements 2014

  • I learnt Golang, LESS, SASS, TOML, YAML and ANGULAR
  • I built teaching experience, got my 1st pay check, quit a job
  • I got real life marketting and sales experience ( Nescafe Entrepreneural Challenge )
  • I learnt about Printing ( Direct Imaging ), designing and printing branding materials and brochures, including an Annual report for Enactus, so I got to be a contractor for Enactus.
  • I spoke to the Branch Controller of FCMB, on behalf of Enactus.
  • I learned to take responsibilities and manage people, with Enactus as a platform.
  • Learned about JSON resume standard, and designed a graphically enticing Resume.
  • I became badass with linux shell
  • I installed Arch Linux on my laptop (The hard way, with lots of challenges).
  • I got my first laptop in 2014
  • I got involved in IDEA and smile (A programming partner).
  • My insights on Entrepreneurship changed- I got lots of entrepreneural ideas too.
  • I designed a website for a lecturer, for a sizable sum.
  • I began active blogging on this blog, officially.
  • I learned to use the Hugo static blog engine.
  • I travelled to, and toured Abia State (Umuahia and Aba), on my own.
  • I learned to write markdown, which is what this blog is written in.

Goals I had for 2014

  • Meditate and do yoga often.
  • Excercise dialy.
  • Learn Electronics.
  • Learn Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn Golang.
  • Learn Hausa.
  • Learn Mandarin.
  • Build Loki ( An Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant)
  • Start a business
  • - Book rental service
  • - Wadeva (online interest based social network)

Books that stood out in 2014

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
  • Enchantment - Guy Kiwasaki
  • To kill a Moking Bird - Harper Lee
  • Frost series - Kailin Gow
  • The Perks of being a wallflower - Steven Chbosky
  • Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series - Michelle Paver

Project Ideas and Projects I started in 2014

  • Computer Vision measurement app

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