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Should we be normal?

As usual, I got caught up in a conversation with another awesome friend of mine. I wouldn’t mention her name this time, and yeah its a “She”. It started with a statement she made, about how I and my friend Irhose are very out of this world and unrealistic. How our dreams and the ideas we come up with are not so relevant in our immediate society, i.e Nigeria.

By the way, I’m a programming addict. I love building things, but since I’m limited in terms of resources, I stick to programming, where I can let my ideas come alive with just my time, and no money spent of parts like micro controllers, etc.

My friend Irhose on the other hand is obsessed with the brain. I wouldn’t be far fetched if i say he knows more about the brain than a lot of neuro scientists around. His limitation too, is resources. With so many hypothesis’ to be proven, and no research lab around that would listen to an 18 year old undergraduate, he’s stuck to learning as much about the brain as possible, from the interne, and other people’s research works, as his unproven hypothesis’ keep piling, or get proven by other scientists.

It doesn’t stop there. We still have big dreams to change the world, just in different ways. Irhose is more interested in changing mindsets, while i’m more interested in changing the world by making certain things available to everyone, and solving the problems the problems man faces.

Now, back to the post. The conversation did turn into a slight argument. Her dream is simple, to be rich. She is a medical student on the path of becoming a medical doctor, probably because in Nigeria, medical doctors are well paid and have good job security. So, she’s NORMAL. Everyone in existence wants to be rich, but only a very few have a reason to be rich.

So, is it OK to be just normal? Living your life based on standards made by everyone else? Well, it depends. Its OK for a lot of people, not not for everyone, and definitely not for me. In Nigeria, everyone aspires to be either a doctor, lawyer or engineer, which is not a bad thing, but their reasons, are what might not be so acceptable. Everyone wants to go through those carear options, because thats what the society seems to accept. They know that there is good job security in those areas, so they push it on the younger generation. Young people are not encouraged to dream of anything that hasn’t already been tried and proven as perfect.

This culture makes everyone let go of their dreams and carry the single dream of being RICH. The goal behind everyone’s ambition is to be rich, not to fulfil any passions. But then, when you get the money, what next? Your life remains like that of everyone else; Working, getting paid, getting broke by month end, and then waiting to get paid again, with no feeling of fulfilment. And when you try to analyse where all the money has been going to, you realise that the more money you got, the more your needs rose to use up the money.

Don’t get me wrong, its OK to be rich, and money was created to be spent, but money shouldn’t be the goal, but rather a tool, and spending the money should be able to give you fulfilment, afterall, you worked for it. When you have a passion or dream, you’d even have a reasn to make more money. But you’d more likely be investing it on those passions, and you’d get something everyone else doesn’t, FULFILMENT.

So, instead of hiding your dreams or not even having dreams because you think they are unrealistic, you could be different from everyone; Have your realistic job, but still let yourself have a passion or dream that might seem unrealistic to the people around you, with the potential for a more fulfiling life.

I and Irhose would be rich eventually, but not for the sake of being rich, but because we have causes and needs that would need lots of money to deal with.

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