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How to use bleve search with a mongo db database in golang

No matter how long you’ve been using mongo db, at some point, you will become dissatisfied with its data indexing abilities. Almost every dynamic site needs some form of search thee days, but while the built in full text search that comes with mongo db can take you a long way, its just not smart enough for many use cases, like fuzzy searching (miss spelt words and incomplete words), etc. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how I used bleve to improve the search quality of my already existing golang and mongo db web application (

Working with the filesystem in dokku (Persistent File Storage)

Dokku is a self hosted heroku-like platform as a service. And if you’ve ever used heroku, you’re aware of its ephemeral filesystem that deletes all your content with each deployment. This is a good system, as it forces you to separate your files from your application, and dokku provides an almost identical ephemeral system like heroku. But most applications need to store files somehow. To go around this, most of us simply upload our files to third party block storage platforms like amazon s3.

A recap of 2014: Projects and Achievements

Achievements 2014 I learnt Golang, LESS, SASS, TOML, YAML and ANGULAR I built teaching experience, got my 1st pay check, quit a job I got real life marketting and sales experience ( Nescafe Entrepreneural Challenge ) I learnt about Printing ( Direct Imaging ), designing and printing branding materials and brochures, including an Annual report for Enactus, so I got to be a contractor for Enactus. I spoke to the Branch Controller of FCMB, on behalf of Enactus.

A recap of 2014: An Essay

2014 was supposed to be a really awesome and successful year. In january, I made my first pay check, with which i celebrated my birthday (pool party + pizza after party). Outside my birthday party, which I wasn’t even in the flow with, 2014 was dry. I started depressed, probably a manifestation of lots of things; My emotional state with a certain girl, being stressed out by my job at pacific ( I was still working monday to Fridays), my “get rich quick” scheme, which involved me designing a wordpress theme for the wordpress theme market (Themeforest); and designing stock images for “Graphic River”.

A Journey Turns Unexpected: Abia State

While traveling, my first indicator of being in Abia state was the road. Immediately the bus started struggling with gully sized pot holes, and totally eroded roads that were half immersed in water, I knew we had left the comfort of Akwa Ibom state, which is the state you have to go through, if going to Abia state from Cross River State. Everyone was trying to sell something to everyone. Four different guys tried selling the same book to me, almost in turns.

A journey turns unexpected: The Journey

I’m not writing this post with my regular pen, or in my house, or in a class. Actually, I’m atleast a hundred miles away from Calabar. I’m in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State, which is coincidentally the my state of origin. And I don’t speak the language, “Igbo”. OK, I know there is nothing special about anything i’ve said so far, or will eventually say. Today was going to be uneventful, I’d board a bus for the 4 hour journey to umuahia, where I’d run some transactions at the bank, board another 4 hours bus back home, to calabar.

Should we be normal?

As usual, I got caught up in a conversation with another awesome friend of mine. I wouldn’t mention her name this time, and yeah its a “She”. It started with a statement she made, about how I and my friend Irhose are very out of this world and unrealistic. How our dreams and the ideas we come up with are not so relevant in our immediate society, i.e Nigeria. By the way, I’m a programming addict.

Diving into golang: 1: An opinionated introduction

In the past six months, i’ve been exclusively doing most of my backend programming work from a programming language known as Go or golang. The features of the language that appeal to me are: * Its speed, which is really close to that of C/C++. * Its simplicity. You can keep the whole language syntax in your head, and not have to consult the documentation for every line of you write.

The World is Ours

The title of this post is also the name of a song. You probably know it. i mean the 2014 FIFA theme song by David correo, not the song with the same title by Aloe Blac. The fact that the world is ours, seems pretty obvious, but i doubt if most of us really appreciate that fact. For me, i feel like each one of us own this world, not our governments, or the huge brands that make all the noise.

Telepathy and 'The Flow' ; IDEAS

While studying with a friend, Irhose, we got caught up in a trail of discussions. We were trying to demystify the fact that sometimes we could find ourselves thinking or dreaming about a person or thing, and then in the course of the day, we’d usually end up seeing the person or thing physically, or getting a call or message from the person. Most of us have had these experiences; we think about a person and somehow bump into the person that same day, or something.